The Best Business Analytics Software

You can find the most suitable business analytics tools and software for your organization by comparing reviews of different products in the market today.

Business analytics is aptly described as the fusion of technologies, competencies, practices, and applications for the constant review of business performance to achieve insights and facilitate business planning. It utilizes several factors such as data; quantitative and statistical analyses; extrapolative and explanatory modeling; and, management based on facts to propel decision-making processes.
On the other hand, business intelligence software is used in the analysis of business data so you can comprehend better the strengths and weaknesses of a corporate organization. This type of software enables the company to perceive the relationship between a collection of data for maximum utilization of resources and smart decision-making. It has a vital role in the corporation’s strategic planning efforts.

The Benefits of Business Analytics Software

Business analytics software makes the lives of business proprietors and corporate planners less difficult since it combines available business information. Likewise, it analyzes some aspects of said information to spare the analyst of the trouble of having to perform this function manually. Analytics software can be programmed to monitor sales, payments, supply inventories and related functions. The business analytics program establishes who clicks links used in a website. This includes information like browsers; plug-ins; and, operating systems being used.


SAS is one of the acknowledged leaders in business analytics and business intelligence programs. The world-renowned service provider assists corporate entities in foreseeing business opportunities, making impact and empowering action. In fact, SAS is said to be the analytics of the years to come. It integrates the strengths of solutions and technologies to resolve fraud issues in financial services and addressing challenges that confront industries with regards to the rising value of customer relationships, risk management and optimization of information technology networks.


IBM facilitates savvy business decisions with reliable solutions that bring business intelligence to a higher level. Modernization introduced by this reputable provider has enhanced business analytics so that corporate institutions will gain valuable information needed to move their businesses forward.

InetSoft Style Intelligence

On the other hand, InetSoft Style Intelligence introduces an operational business intelligence platform with a powerful data engine to create dashboards, visual analyses, and reporting. The integrated and easy-to-deploy as well as easy-to-use business intelligence programs maximize self-service and serves both business firms and solution providers. This particular software controls a powerful patent-pending Data Block foundation for real-time data. It supplies information by way of interactive dashboards, enterprise reporting, scorecards, and exception alerts. Other business intelligence software applications do not have this combined system. Besides, it has business analytics software and modern reporting capacity aside from direct access to practically all sources of data.

Oracle Business Analytics

Another outstanding company, Oracle Business Analytics assists organizations by teaching them to determine novel means in planning, strategizing and optimizing business operations as well as acquiring new market opportunities. It is said to be one of the market leaders in business analytics software. The company can be relied upon to deliver comprehensive solutions that allow clients to gain insight into every aspect of their enterprise, plan ahead, and act with confidence on any mechanism.

One of the strengths of this business analytics software is enterprise performance management. You can make forecasting with greater accuracy employing its business planning solutions which bring into line finance and operations. These applications support strategic planning, goal-setting, financial and operations projections, financial close and reporting process, and profitability management in one built-in suite.